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The Beginning . . .

In 1997, people of compassion in our community seized upon an opportunity to establish and operate a collection/distribution facility for donated household items to be sold for nominal amounts to our citizens of limited means and given to those in critical need.

Garrett County Habitat for Humanity formed a committee to work toward the establishment of such a facility.  The idea was discussed with social service providers, service organizations and pastors, among others.  Out of these discussions came the heightened awareness of the need as well as the even stronger commitment to fulfilling this need within our community.  The members of the initial committee became the founding Board of Directors of Garret Cooperative Ministry, Inc.  Officers were elected, and regular meetings are held.

Garrett Cooperative Ministry, Inc. was formed as the vehicle through which an array of existing organizations and individuals could work in concert to make this vision a reality.  Fortunately, a similar operation already existed elsewhere in the State, after which Garrett Cooperative Ministry modeled our Christian Crossing Thrift Shop.

Seed money was given by Coldwell Banker Deep Creek Realty, and in May 1998, Garrett Cooperative Ministry purchased the property at 2 W. First Avenue in Loch Lynn. 

Christian Crossing Thrift Shop opened its doors to the public August 1, 1998.  The official dedication of the facility to the glory of God and to the citizens of Garret County, Maryland, took place on October 17, 1998.

An addition was built in 2003.

Together with Garrett County Habitat for Humanity, Garrett Cooperative Ministry purchased a 6000 square-foot warehouse on the other side of Alderson St., across from the Thrift Shop.  This enables us to accept large donations of multiple items which we would not be able to put into main building all at same time.

In 2014, Christian Crossing Thrift Shop moved into a newly completed building on the original site.  The new building nearly doubled the space for sales and sorting, is much safer and more energy efficient than the previous 100-year old building, is all on one level, and offers handicapped accessibility, dressing rooms, better lighting, and more parking. 

Christian Crossing Thrift Shop - original building

Christian Crossing Thrift Shop - original building